Shooting The Heavy Water War

The heroes of Telemark will be back. A new TV-series about WW II Norwegian heavy water sabotage is underway. Shooting on locations in Rjukan in January and February this year, director Per-Olav Sørensen and his crew have had their share of a cold and snowy Norwegian winter, like the saboteurs did.

"They were cold, I kept warm", says Sørensen on his Facebook-page.

Two previous movies have been made about the Norwegian resistance movement. The first film, Kampen om tungtvannet ("The Battle for Heavy Water") was produced in 1948, followed by the American film The Heroes of Telemark, which was released in 1965, and quickly became a hit at the British box office.

Follow the film crew and the pictures they share in this Storify-feature or take a look at the Flipboard-magazine Rjukanwood.

Trond Lepperød


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